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Vietnam Tool and Metrology Co., Ltd. (TOMEC) would like to send our best wishes, good health and success to customers.

            TOMEC is established on the foundation of industrial equipment and measuring equipment of CAD / CAM technology company. Therefore, the company has inherited the traditional and nearly 10 years of experience of CAD / CAM Vietnam in the field of consulting, supplying and transferring international technology.

From the beginning, we have concentrated all efforts to get the best products, our activities are to satisfy the strict requirements of customers on the following main products:

             - Providing all kinds of cutting tools such as square end mill, ball nose end mill, hand tap, drill bits, dies and accessories...

            - Supplying auxiliary equipment such as: Vises, magnetic workforce, magnetic drilling machine...

            - Provide molding equipment: cutting discs, round grinders, grinding paper ...

            - Providing measuring equipment such as: Panme, box ruler, laser tilt measuring machine ...

In addition, with the experts, managers and engineers of CAD / CAM, TOMEC has the necessary technological capability to perform all the tasks that is related to international technology transfer to enterprise including:

            - Consulting for investment projects to develop technology and promote production capacity.

            - Import and supply machineries, industrial equipment and production lines.

            - Provide installation services, warranty, maintenance, replacement parts, accessories for mechanical machines and production lines under the short-term and long-term contracts.

In order to meet the increasing demands of customers, TOMEC continuously to develop strategic partnerships about international technology transfer with many consulting firms, machinery designs and manufacturing equipments from well-known brands in the world as: Knuth (Germany), Hoffmann (Germany), Mitutoyo (Japan), Demm (Italia), Sylvac (Switzerland), Echain, Anway, Vertex, Auto - Super (Taiwan), Ketec (China).

            We hope to receive the attention, cooperation with you and We hope to be contributed to the success of customers.

            Thank you very much!

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